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Noa Nick is a professional photographer who specializes in fine art photography. Her studio is located in Hillsdale, NJ. She offers portrait, elderly, newborn and corporate headshot sessions, as well as a variety of other photographic services.

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Welcome to the inspiring world of Noa Nick, a multi-talented, award-winning portrait photographer, experienced journalist, skilled marketing copywriter, cancer survivor, and dedicated advocate. Born in Ózd, Hungary, Noa's passion for photography, storytelling, and marketing began at a young age, and her captivating work has since been exhibited in galleries across the globe. Join us as we explore Noa's incredible journey and celebrate her outstanding achievements.

Noa's Journey:

From Hungary to New Jersey Noa's love for photography, reporting, and marketing ignited at the age of 14 when she first experimented with a Zenit camera. She later married her husband, Balázs, in 2004, and together they have two children: Viktor and Pálma. The family resided in Bak, Zala County, Hungary, until 2015 when they relocated to Hillsdale, New Jersey. It was here that Noa established her photography studio and expanded her journalistic and marketing copywriting work.

As a distinguished journalist and author, Noa has written 11 books, including a guide on marketing for beginners. She is also a proud member of the NJSPJ (New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists) since 2021.

Battling Cancer and Becoming an Advocate In 2010, Noa faced a life-changing challenge when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After undergoing multiple surgeries, she emerged victoriously and cancer-free. This experience ignited Noa's passion for supporting women with cervical cancer, leading her to create and manage one of the largest related Facebook communities.

Exhibitions, Accolades, and the Veterans Project Noa's stunning work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and fairs, including events in Germany, Italy, Denmark, East London, Bulgaria, and Barcelona. Currently, Noa is working on the Veterans Project exhibition, capturing the portraits and stories of veterans. Explore this remarkable project at

Awards and Memberships Noa's exceptional skills have earned her numerous accolades, including the Expertise Best Portrait Photographer Award from 2018-2023. As a photojournalist for Camerapixo Magazine since 2020 and a marketing copywriter, she continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. Additionally, Noa is a proud member of the Sony Alpha Universe and has authored several books available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

What Clients Are Saying

I have been to three photo shoots with Noa :) I highly recommend her to everyone.
What you need to know about her:
-Maximalist, so she is an excellent photographer. She is kind and direct.
-Creating an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and at ease. No fidgeting. Noah makes photography a real experience. :)
-You can trust her to bring out the best in you.
Every woman should go to one of these photo shoots because they produce fantastic images. And anytime you look at these pictures, you're sure to be in a good mood. During those few hours you might even make a new friend :)
In short, if you want to go to a professional photographer, choose NOA NICK!!!!

Hajnalka Karika

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