A little introduction about myself

At the age of 14, I finally got a rather serious camera. Photography was always my passion. It was a Zenit camera, and my mother still has to this day! I made lots of pictures in those days. Pictures of motorcycle meetings, friends, and of the nature. I settled with Portrait Photography, because I found that as most interesting. I idolized Dagles Dubler.

Whenever I had a chance to, I clicked away, and mimicked the famous photographers to see what they are doing. I learned by spectating and paying attention. Later on, I earned my Professional Photography in Napier University. In 2004, I married my husband, we have 2 children. Viktor, currently 15, and Pálma, 13.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, and after 5 surgeries, I was declared as a survivor. At this point, I decided to make sure to help the women dealing with this issue. So this doesn’t happen to others. In 2011, I created a FaceBook group that was based around the topic. By the end of the year, it had 6000 members. A website that provides information about Cervical Cancer was formed, and to this day, it helps women around the world affected by this issue. A large portion of the income from photography I receive goes to help women with Cervical Cancer.

I am currently working on larger projects with fellow photographers.

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